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Sourced from UK farms

All the ingredients are either grown at our gardens in Somerset or by selected sustainable UK farmers and picked by hand, ready to press. Where possible we develop relationships with our growers & producers. With the British climate some things are impossible to grow in the UK like Bananas! So we use those in our smoothies and ask our friends in warmer climes to provide them for us.

Into the bottle

We use the most ethically sourced plastic bottle available PET/PETE. This is important as it limits the amount of toxins leaked into your system from drinking from regular less expensive plastic an annoying but true modern day fact! PET is also much lighter than other bottle options so ultimately, we use less fuel when we create & deliver the bottles to you. It’s also the most sought after plastic for recycling & that’s crucial if we are all going to do our bit for the planet.

From Pitchfork to Bottle

  • 0500
    Up with the larks
  • 0600
    A journey to the press
  • 0800
    Boxed up to go
  • 0900
    On our way to you

A speedy journey to the Cold Press

After picking, the produce is taken straight to the cold press. We use the best juicing machine available, the Norwalk 280 juicer. The only juice machine, as far as we are aware that has been approved by the Gerson Institue in the US. No hot blades are used to kill the enzymes in the juice only a hydraulic press to squeeze all the fabulous nutrients out of your fresh ingredients.

Delivered straight to you

Please order online and we will deliver your fresh juice straight to your door.

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