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What You Need to Know about Feminized Hemp Seeds.

In the last few years, CBD and CBD products have increasingly become popular. The main reason for the increased popularity has been due to the many health benefits associated with CBD. However, hemp CBD is even more popular because there are little or no traces of THC, unlike marijuana CBD. Therefore, more farmers are investing in hemp cultivation. However, there is a need to plant the right hemp seeds.

In agriculture, farmers have been using the feminized seed for many years to boost their yields. Feminized seeds are used in hemp cultivation. In this case, feminized hemp seeds will only produce female hemp plants. This results in faster growth of the plants while flowering occurs faster as well, giving more CBD yields. If you are considering hemp cultivation the kind of seeds you use will determine the kind of outcome you get.

But why should you consider feminized seeds for hemp CBD production? You will enjoy more benefits when you use feminized seeds. Such benefits are as follows.

1. Reduced wastage.

In case you plant the normal hemp seed, 50/50 will be males and females. Your mature plants will be about half females and half males. Unlike female hemp plants, males are exclusively for pollination and will not give CBD content. Such male plants will be useless during harvest. As a result, you will have wasted your water, space, time, and money when you cultivate female plants together with the male hemp plants.

To avoid such wastage, therefore, feminized seeds becomes a perfect option. This will result in more CBD production. Therefore, there will be minimal wastage on your resources including water, space, money, and time.

2. Your work will be much easier.

When you plant male and female plants, you will eventually have to remove the males. Trying to identify the gender of every plant will be a difficult and time-consuming task. If a single male is left, your female plants are likely to be pollinated.

After female hemp is pollinated, it could lose 50% of its mass. Again, its flower set, and CBD concentration would be diminished. This will, in turn, reduce the profit margin. By planting the feminized seeds, you will not have the task of removing the male plants.

3. Maximize resources.

Because your work is reduced when you use feminized seeds, your resources are also well utilized. Male plants will just result in wastage of water, time, and your fertilizers. However, planting feminized seeds will ensure your resources are maximized.

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